This has been going on for a bit but citizens that live near Ormond Park in Lansing have been trying to save it for a year or two from having a road built through it. Unfortunately according to their Facebook page, Friends of Ormond Park, their court battle to save the park from having a road built through it to the Groesbeck Golf Course has ended and it looks like construction will start soon.

According to WLNS, Ingham County Judge denied a motion filed by neighbors aimed to stop construction in the park once again. Even though their were a few options left for the people to fight against it it appears that some construction has been started as trees have been cut and holes have been dug already.

The reason for the city wanting the road through Ormond Park is to help the struggling golf course as it will give another entrance in the city for people to take to get to the course. The "Friends of Ormond Park" are or were fighting against it cause they don't want lose green space for kids to play and the road could also cause environmental concerns.

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