This is something we should have been doing but now it will be enforced all around the city. The Operation Slow Down program aims to reduce speeding and reckless driving behaviors since many people have complained about others speeding through neighborhoods in Lansing.

This is a great idea and I love it since I live in Lansing and I see and hear motorcycles and cars speeding down roads like: Cedar, MLK, and Pleasant Grove. In addition, why would you want to speed through Lansing? There pot holes on most roads and I don't want to ruin my car or get myself killed due to that.

Mayor Andy Schor says about the new program

"Lansing residents expect their neighborhood streets to be safe and the City takes complaints about hazardous driving seriously. The Lansing Police Department will redirect patrols to address hazardous driving violations, such as speeding and reckless driving, within our neighborhoods. We will also offer traffic calming options through the Lansing Public Service Department. We’ve created a resource on the City of Lansing’s website that will help guide residents through this process.”

If you are caught you could be seeing a fine between $130 to $250. Some of things you can get in trouble doing are: excess speeding through neighborhoods, weaving through traffic, cutting through parking lots and businesses, and improper passing from the center left turn lane.

So let's all be safe and remember not to speed especially if you are driving through a neighborhood. If you don't see a speed limit posted, its probably 25mph so no reason to go 50!

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