Lansing school district are doing at home learning which most have been doing since March but a much needed reprieve is here with learning labs. The learning labs are going to help parents that work at the office or work from home because it will keep children occupied during normal school hours all while doing their school work. The learning labs will be available through November, which is when in class learning is expected to resume as of now.

Just a few notes about the labs: they are free, safe spaces students can do their work during the school day, you have to apply online or call most places, and they are only available for kids aged 5-12 who attend Lansing public schools.

The labs are located all around Lansing and some will even be at school district buildings such as the Caterpillar Corner, which already operate legally at schools. Other student Learning Labs are located at: Lansing Boys and Girls Club, the Woldumar Nature Center, the Impression 5 Museum and the YMCA will open Learning Labs (at their West Lansing, Oak Park locations and at Pattengill Academy).

School starts next week so if you want your kids to have more of an in school experience this might be the best thing for them. Remember to have their masks ready too. You can see more and find out how to apply here, some places are having parents apply over the phone so make sure you do that before bringing your child over to a lab.

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