Dear past and future drivers on Waverly in Lansing,

Please don't do this, there are so many negative things about doing this.

I have a personal story regarding this and it's a main reason why I avoid driving on Waverly road in Lansing. If you live on Waverly road or off of it you might also feel the same way.

Anyway, here's my negative story about speeders on Waverly. My girlfriend and I were driving down Waverly to look at a new place. Our directions had us go down Waverly then turn on to Kentfield Drive. This was were the trouble started and ended. We just got past Sheffield Blvd, which has a traffic light and were slowly moving forward to turn left down Kentfield. Our turn signal was on and we were stopping, with our brake lights on. We were only stopped for a moment when we hear SCREECH! of a car's brake and I hear my girlfriend saying, "Oh no!" A moment later BANG! and that screeching car rear ended us right in the middle of the road. The car that hit us didn't stop, of course, and sped off with its front bumper hanging on for dear life. My girlfriend, who was visibly shaken up, is panicking as our car is now blocking traffic in 3 of the 4 lanes. I tell her to turn the car down Kentfield so we can calm down and not be in the middle of the road. Once she turned down the road, I attempted to get out and see who hit us, but they were gone. I never got a license plate and other eye witnesses said they didn't see one either, which made me assume that person had no license and didn't want to get in trouble for causing an accident with no license.

Google Maps

You can see where the accident happened above.

This is a reason why I avoid driving on Waverly and this probably isn't the first time an accident like I described above has happened. I say that because as we were waiting for the police to arrive, I spoke to other eye witnesses of our accident and they all said something like "Oh people speed all of the time on Waverly." This was spoken like it was nothing and this is a weekly or maybe daily occurrence.

This is a problem if several people who live off Waverly nonchalantly say this happens all of the time. WHY?! Waverly isn't a road that anyone should be speeding on. The road has craters and bumps all over. It hasn't be paved in years, maybe decades, so why would you speed? There is also no turning lane, so if you have to turn left you are taking a gamble. So next time you drive down Waverly take it easy and look both ways and use those mirrors cause there are others that drive on Waverly who don't.



P.S. we never looked at that place down Kentfield drive.

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