I'm not typically one to throw stones, as I tend to miss and end up hurting myself at the end of it all. However, I think we should talk about this!

It's not something that I officially noticed either until someone from another state pointed it out, but after he did, I never stopped seeing it.

Michigan, Why Do So Many Of Our Cars Look Like This?

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, and I'm talking about the front of your cars.

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Why are so many of us driving around with our front bumpers missing? Like I said, i don't tend to throw stones without shattering glass, as I myself have driven around in a car without a front bumper on it.

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But, why are there so many of us out there doing it?

I think it depends where you live in Michigan and what areas you venture into. I notice it a lot around the Mid-Michigan area, and down towards the Kalamazoo area. But, why do we just drive around with our front bumpers just missing or damaged?

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Could it be the overwhelming deer population in Michigan, wanting to play chicken with our cars? That is how I lost my front bumper, and with the car having nearly 300,000 on it, we saw it as a lost cause to invest more money into it.

I'm not judging your situation either! Far be it from me to act like I have a lot of money to fix a damaged car, because... c'mon. But, now that I have pointed it out to you, do you agree with the statement, or disagree?

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