Yes a major retailer is going through with plans for one way shopping aisles, but could it work at all stores? WalMart announced on their Facebook, that they are going to have one-way aisles through out their stores. The one-way aisles will start in May and if you are wondering how it will work they will have floor decals which to lead customers up and down the correct way. This is to promote social distancing not only for the customers but also for the employees.

You can see the post below explaining how they will do it. I like the idea but I'm wondering how long it will work, because you know that someone is going to brake the rule to grab some item. I can see a situation where someone is going to need some item, two feet from where the person is but they can't walk down the aisle because it is the wrong way, so what will they do? They could leave their cart and walk over to grab it which might seem too bad but this could cause more congestion because the cart in the way where others walk. I'm sure there are other situations but I say if you want to make sure people obey one way aisles you have to put up cones or maybe floor models at the end of the aisle to block people off.

How do you feel about it? Do you think it will work? Will you obey by the floor decal arrows? Tell us about it on our app by using the CHAT feature or sending us an audio message on our 97.5 NOW FM app.

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