We all have our fave member of One Direction, which of course leads to fan fiction and natural curiosity about what each of the boys are like romantically and behind closed doors. Turns out they've revealed how they are when it comes to romance.

The hotly-pursued Harry Styles revealed that he can be soppy, while the off-the-market Zayn Malik, who is engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, is more stoic. Liam Payne, however, strikes the balance when it comes to his ticker.

Hazza admitted, "Touring is so hard and it’s difficult to get to know someone in a day. You don’t get enough time to meet somebody and say, ‘I really like you. Do you want to come on the road for a bit?’ We’re rarely anywhere for even two days at the moment." #BoyBandProblems.

Even though he finds it hard to maintain a mate due to his lifestyle, he did say, "I can get quite soppy when it comes to girls, especially when I really like them." Quick, someone text Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner to find out how Hazza was soppy with 'em.

Malik, who is a bit more reserved (something we learned while watching him during the 'This Is Us' film), said that he keeps his emotions zipped up, confessing, "I don’t ever really show my emotions. Maybe that will change when I get older." Or after he and Perrie swap vows. Zerrie -- such a cute couple!

It's Liam Payne who is most balanced with his emotion. While he admitted that "I’ve never written a love letter, but when I’m in a relationship I’m a big softie," he also shared that he is a sucker for tears. "If I dumped a girl and then they cried, I’d instantly get back with them," he said.

Aw! We're like melting over here.