The town of Dowagiac in Cass County is located approximately 45 miles southwest of Kalamazoo and 17 miles north of the Michigan/Indiana border. On S. Front Street, between Commercial & Main Streets, lies the Olympia Bookstore.

This little unassuming building has been sitting there for well over 100 years. Before it became a bookstore, it housed a handful of other businesses, including a funeral parlor. There's a hallway leading to an upstairs apartment that had the name "Bock" stenciled on...this is the name that was given to the ghost who is believed to reside there.

This spirit named 'Bock' has his (or her) moments of knocking books off the shelves and stacking them and an electric-eye buzzer that goes off when nobody else is around.

The people who live in the upstairs apartment were unnerved when, more than once, they discovered a chair had been placed by the front door as if someone had been looking out into the street. Plus, their pet cat refuses to go into a certain room and will not go in even if someone throws in a toy or ball.

The usual paranormal stuff happens as well: disembodied voices, lights going on & off, and footsteps coming up the stairs, with residents only to discover there's no one there.

What caused this haunting? No one seems to know.

Olympia Books is located at 208 S. Front Street but you better call ahead to see when (and if) it's still open...their number is (269) 782-3220. If closed, you can always try and find out who owns it so you can ask to do your own investigation. (Someone online said it was closed and another site said it was open.)

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