It was all a meme.

And it started just like that.

I have shared several times, that I lived in Alaska for 10 years before I came back home to Michigan about 3 years ago.

And prior to that, I was born and raised in Mississippi. Yup. Lil ole country boy raised by my momma and grandma. Pops left early but he's back in my life and all is well.

I had a good childhood and moms and grandma raised me right. And they fed me. Good.

And down south there are staples. Grits being one of them and trust me, that's a whole 'nother conversation.

But, we're talking about rice.

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My mom loved rice. We ate it a lot. She has shared with me several times that while she was pregnant with me she ate a lot of fried rice as it was her favorite. We ate it with breakfast and I still do. For dinner often. Mom even went on to work for Uncle Ben's which is an amazing series of events considering how much we ate and loved rice in the south.

I'm telling you all this for a reason. I am a purest when it comes to eating rice. There were pretty much two things you put on rice while I was growing up. Salt and butter. Now mind you, mom made rice and gravy a fair amount. And there may have been chicken and rice and gravy or steak and rice and gravy. Even with breakfast it was like eggs and whatever meat and rice. But for the most part, quite simply, it was salt and butter on rice.

Ditto for grits.

While growing and becoming an adult, I found out people put SUGAR on rice?!?

Ditto for grits. And the grits thing I get but that's because some folks can't separate grits from being so close to some type of oatmeal.

But for me sugar on either one (ESPECIALLY RICE) is sacrilege.

And then the other day my friend posted this meme on Facebook.

Facebook Meme
Facebook Meme

And when posting he says:

I will probably get a lot  for this but it’ll be mayo and ketchup. Don’t knock it til you try it ‍♂️

Mayo and ketchup? On rice?


Now mind you, I have lived in Alaska as I mentioned before. And out west folks do it different. I have Pacific Islander family and Asian family as well. And I have learned of all things sriracha, soy sauce, kimchee, and more. Loco moco (hamburger, fried egg, and gravy), spam & eggs & rice, etc.

His post and my subsequent one has turned into an amazing list of who does what with their rice. And I'm down with everything but SUGAR. And a fair amount of folks who put SUGAR & CINNAMON on rice.

What is wrong with you?

Here are some of the answer I got when I posed this question/meme to my friends.

  • Salt & Butter
  • Beans and Rice (so many variations and varieties - my Latino family gave me waaaay to many options here lol)
  • Kimchi and Korean hot red pepper paste (my friend Kimberly is Korean and has no heat threshold)
  • Steak and halibut! Alaskan surf and turf Uncle Large!
  • Butter and brown gravy
  • Butter and teriyaki chicken
  • Several versions of soy sauce and meat
  • Several versions of gravy and meat
  • Several version of veggies and meat
  • Hot sauce and sriracha and meat
  • And yeas...sugar and cinnamon

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