A daredevil deer is on the loose in Michigan, caught on camera Thursday (9/22) jumping right over a car as it drove down a Michigan highway.

MSP Officer Captures it On Camera

The incident was captured on Trooper Anderson's dashcam video earlier this week. The Michigan State Police officer was patrolling near Lakeshore Drive in St. Joseph when a small herd of deer attempted to cross the road.

In the video below which was posted by the Michigan State Police on Twitter, you'll see a video from Trooper Anderson's perspective as he followed another vehicle. The first deer ran across the road, completely missing the car Anderson was following.

The second dear also missed - but only because it leaped into the air at the exact right time, making a picture-perfect jump over the vehicle. Had the animal not jumped, it would have run straight into the vehicle's passenger door.

Ironically, the driver of the car may not have even seen the animal that jumped over his car.

The video then shows a third deer running between Anderson's vehicle and the car he was following. In the video above, you can tell that Anderson quickly applied his brakes, which may have prevented him from hitting the animal.

Don't Swerve

The Michigan State Police issued a reminder on Twitter now that fall has arrived and the deer population is starting to become more active:

"Reminder: If deer cross your path - apply controlled braking; steer straight; don’t swerve."

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