Michigan's little historic burg of Oak Grove can be found in Livingston County, Cohoctah Township. Driving through, it kinda gives one the feel of what it was like there in the late 1800's (if you can ignore the fact that the main road is asphalt).

It's beginnings took place in 1833 when the township was named 'Tuscola' and settlers began arriving and buying land. In 1857 the township name was changed to 'Bristol' and in 1867 it was changed for good to 'Cohoctah Township'.

In 1846 a grist mill and dam were built on Bo-bish-e-nung Creek, now known as Bogue Creek, flowing into Mill Pond. A general store and post office followed and more people traveled here to settle. The village was named Chemungville, suggested by a settler from New York for one of that state's counties. The post office (moved into town from down the road) was called "Oak Grove Post Office" and soon the village dropped 'Chemungville', accepting 'Oak Grove' as its name.

Along with the above-mentioned establishments, Oak Grove also had a blacksmith, cider mill, depot, doctor's office, grocery store, saloon, stave mill, and wagon shop.

As mentioned above, the original post office was located a little ways down the road, later moved to downtown around 1875 and located across from the general store on the south side of Faussett Road. Years later, the post office was moved just across the street to the old general store building and closed for good in 1982.

Here is a little community that makes Mayberry look like Las Vegas but its an extremely cool place to visit & drive-thru, especially if you enjoy Michigan history and small, out-of-the-way towns. SEE PHOTOS BELOW for location!

(Thank you KEVIN NAUTA for giving me the idea to learn more about Oak Grove!)

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