What a national and global mess this whole Coronavirus pandemic is.

That was an understatement wasn't it?

The effects alone on the education of our kids (and adults, too) has just been mind boggling to me. Some kids go to classes to learn face to face. Some kids learn online. Some kids do both.

For me, at least from what I can remember from back in the day, learning was hard enough in the highly structured atmosphere that was a classroom. I just can't imagine being able to discipline myself to learn online at my house. And I guess that the operative word in the previous sentence was "discipline".

As a student I needed structure just because I needed something that would hold my attention. Online classes for me would've probably been a nightmare. I can't tell you that definitively, but I have a pretty good idea.

Now, add of the the aforementioned stuff about learning to this: "I'm going back to college so where am I going to live this year?"


We all know that COVID-19 has changed the landscape on campuses across the nation and the Lansing State Journal says that Michigan State University is no different. Check this out...there will be less than 2,000 students in the dorms this year. Now this is great if you can stay home and take online classes.

But what if you are in a situation where you can't? Get's interesting doesn't it?

And put that 2,000 number against the usual number of kids who are usually in the dorms. That usual number is over 14-thousand students. Wow...

Get more info here about what's going on from the Lansing State Journal.

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