This feels like an urban legend or one of those stories you NEED to fact check on Snopes. But it's real. And stuff like this definitely pops up during the "pranking" season of Halloween.

Police have issued a warning after a woman cut herself on a razor blade left taped on her car door handle in Myrtle Beach, Florida.

Credit: & @horrycountypd
Credit: & @horrycountypd

Horry County PD tweeted this message Monday afternoon asking people to “please have heightened situational awareness” when returning to their vehicles.

The woman was shopping at a local shopping center with her daughter when she returned to her car and found the razor taped to the driver side car door handle. Can you imagine if it was on her daughter's side and she got cut? Mom only suffered a small cut and alerted authorities.  (Fox Carolina)

HCPD said this is the only case of its nature that has been reported to them.

It's pranking season. Be careful. Be aware. And if you're pulling pranks like this, please don't. Think before you do something that could seriously injure someone or their child. And the price you could pay could be an arrest, a fine, jail, and a lawsuit. Someone could be seriously injured. Or worse, even die. So PLEASE THINK before you do something like this.

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