A report surfaced on Friday that North Korea sent a clear muddled and fuzzy message to South Korea warning that a strike in response to anti-North rallies could come without notice.  That message came via fax, according to the South Korean news agency, Yonhap (who apparently also have a functioning fax machine.)

If the North Korean military's communications technology is indicative of their progress on nuclear technology, the world is a much safer place than once thought.

The few times I (am forced to) send a fax I always get an error. I am no good at faxing. I wonder if they stood next to the machine to make sure it went through. Or if they had to resend -- or follow up with a call "did you get my fax?"

And why not text?

I mean, c'mon, text message break-ups are all the rage.

Perhaps this, too, is indicative of North Korea's (lack of) communications technology.

To be fair, South Korea responded with a fax of their own, assuring a stern reaction -- right after they return from Office Depot.

December 17th marks two years since Kim Jong II passed away and the young Kim Jong Un took control.