North Fox Island is approximately 17 miles from the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. Since 2015, the island has had its own landing strip for private planes to land, bringing curious visitors. It’s a gorgeous island, with many snakes slithering through the wilderness.

But aside from the beautiful scenery and solitude the island has to offer, it also, unfortunately, has a dark past.

A man who was the island’s proprietor was running a porn ring on North Fox Island during the 1960’s & 1970’s. It was believed by many that there was a connection between this and the Oakland County Child Killer crimes of 1976-1977, but no conclusive evidence.

Today, the island remains uninhabited, and anyone who lands or sails there is welcome to hike or bike through the land. In doing so, you might come across an old fallout/bomb shelter and a few dwelling-type buildings. It’s not known if these buildings had anything to do with the above-mentioned crimes, but for anyone familiar with those stories, it gives off a definite unpleasant feeling when coming across them.

Below are some pictures of current-day North Fox Island.


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