Since joining her Sweetner tour, Normani has become great friends with Ariana Grande. And while the two enjoyed being "just typical girls" on the road, they also found some time to work together on Normani's upcoming single, "Motivation."

"She's been very supportive of me too. I talk to her about the creative process," Normani told Rolling Stone. "I'm like, 'When did you know your album was done.' She was just like, 'Honestly, you'll know. Nobody will have to tell you. You'll feel it. Just trust your instinct; trust your gut. And listen to that voice inside of you, and it'll tell you that you’re done. Just take your time, too, and have fun in the process and make sure that it's something that you love. She's dope. She also has a part in the record that I’m releasing, too. She wrote on it."

And while fans had an inkling about the collaboration after seeing sparkly studio pics on both their Instagram, they're also pleased with all the love Ariana and Normani are showing each other.

Normani's new single, "Motivation," is set to drop on August 16.

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