If you haven't gone outside today you should enjoy it before the rain comes on Wednesday, but then that brings in sunny skies for the rest of the week and weekend.

According to WLNS weather, a cold front will be coming in tonight that will cause showers to come in tomorrow. The temperatures for tomorrow will be highs in the mid 60s which is a warmer than the average for this time in Michigan.

After Wednesday night temperatures for Thursday and Friday look the same with Highs in the upper 50s. Along with the temperatures being in the 50s it will be beautiful out with lots of sun. Temperatures will increase this weekend with Highs in the 60s and plenty of Sunshine. So basically just survive the rain tomorrow and be on the lookout for the great weather in November after that.

Plus remember we get another hour of sleep on Sunday with Daylight Savings, so this weekend is looking a lot better.