Tom Manke, editor of the local news page Friends and Community Shiawassee County News and Views on Facebook, did more than tell the story of one recent bizarre and scary situation -- he became a big part of it.
On Sunday, a man that had been transported to Memorial Healthcare by Perry Police for a blood test, was able to escape, fleeing the hospital and running, still handcuffed, nearly 3 miles, Manke explained.
The unidentified man arrived at an apartment building owned by Manke.  He tried unsuccessfully to enter a bottom unit.  That unit was occupied and the residents, who did not know the suspect, and their dog, chased the man away and called police.
Meanwhile, the man found his way into an upstairs unit.
While police were searching the grounds, Manke decided to check on the upstairs unit, discovering the suspect inside.  Manke said "the individual hollered out to me that he wanted to give up."
While police were continuing their search in a separate area of the property, Manke took the suspect by the arm, he said, and walked him downstairs to officers on the scene.
"The suspect was very apologetic," Manke said, saying the individual explained to police that it was a bad night and that he should not have run.
Manke indicated that the man was taken to jail and that little information would be available until his arraignment.  Officers from Owosso, the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department and State Police assisted Perry Police.

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