About six miles northeast of Manistee on the corner of US-31 and M-22 is the Little River Casino; turn left onto M-22 and you're in for a pleasant little 3-mile trip northward, ending at the fork of M-22 (Orchard Hwy) and Miller Road.

This little stretch of road has a few things to see, mainly some old abandoned buildings and a deserted old general store which is kept in pretty good shape. There possibly was (once upon a time) a little village in the area just south of the store; but there was definitely a a place called Newland Station (or sometimes referred to as just plain Newland) where a post office stood (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Nothing exists where Newland Station once was, except for the bare plot and possibly the old general store found a few feet north, on the left side of the road.

This little trek is meant to be an enjoyable part of your next Michigan roadtrip; abandoned buildings, the "no-town" of Newland and an historic old general store will hopefully peak your interest. It's another isolated part of Michigan and one of the things that makes this state so great...there are ENDLESS things to discover (and RE-discover)!