Netflix users beware. There have been a couple of these in the past few months and it could be coming your email inbox soon! It's pretty sophisticated, looks real enough, even has the NETFLIX logo, and link to fix the problem they are telling you supposedly exists. It's an email saying in so many words, your account has been suspended (SUSPENSION NOTIFICATION) or disabled. And that there is a problem validating your billing information. There will be a link that they provide that takes you to a very realistic (BUT VERY FAKE) Netflix site. They will ask you to restart your membership or to reenter you account information. They might even tell you that you have 48 hours to do so to give you a sense of urgency. If you click on the link, they will ask you to enter login details, account information, credit card info, and more. Be careful and on the look out. If you have questions, don't click on any links in the email. Peep the article and video below for tips on how to deal with this scam!

Netflix members, beware: Don't get tricked by the latest email scam

Many email scams are rather crude and easy to spot, but they're getting more sophisticated all the time. You might think there's no way you'll ever be fooled, but a fleeting moment of distraction or break in concentration might lead you to click on a link you shouldn't, and who knows where you might end up after that.

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