We are now a month or more into 2017 and hopefully you're not still putting 2016 on dates, but also here are some new laws and things to look out for in Michigan for the new year.

  • Amber Alerts may now be issued without a license plate in 2017, it hopes to prevent anymore time waiting for clearance and help find missing children quicker.
  • Gas Prices - they will be going up a few cents due to  the new gas tax. But gas prices will be going up then down and back up and vise versa the rest of the year.
  • Car registration will cost Michiganders 20% more than before.
    If you have a hybrid, add another $47 to it.
    If you own an electric vehicle, add $135 to it.
  • Minimum Wage -  will go up to $8.90 from $8.50.
  • Edible Marijuana -  You will legally be able to eat marijuana…according to attorney Matthew Abel from the Cannabis Counsel, there will be various foodstuffs for purchase made from marijuana, including brownies. But for you smokers out there its only for people who don't smoke and buy edibles.

So 2017 will be an interesting year for your car and wallet. To read more about these WXYZ has more here. 

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