According to the Lansing State Journal, there will be a new look to Cooley Law School Stadium next time yo go to check out the Lansing Lugnuts, and fan experience and safety are the reasons.

The minor league baseball team (Affiliate of Toronto Bluejays) is in the process of finishing up hanging a safety net that is about 32 feet tall and spanning seven sections of the ball park. This will ensure that spectators behind the plate and down the line are protected from foul balls or anything that might leave the play area. The net will go from dugout to dugout around the home plate.

This will also ensure that nothing from the batter will make it into the crowd as was seen many times last summer, especially with bats at major league parks which went into the crowds a hand full of times.

The changes come after Major League Baseball recommended that all nets cover any seats that fall within 70 feet of home plate.

The Lugnuts kickoff their season with a showdown against the MSU team on Wednesday and start Season play on Thursday and Friday.