Timing is EVERYTHING! He hits the stage for halftime at the Super Bowl on February 4th! His new album drops FEBRUARY 2ND! And word is it will be titled "Man of The Woods". Plus, the cherry on top of that ice cream sundae, WE GET A NEW SINGLE THIS FRIDAY!!!

We know he's been working with Timbaland and in the video below we can see that Pharrell is in the mix as well. Yesterday, we talked about how TMZ discovered he had trademarked "Man of The Woods" and "Fresh Leaves" back in December. And Ticketmaster deleted a concert date they had posted for Justin live in Toronto on March 13th! So there is speculation that a tour will be in the works after the new single, halftime show, and new album! Great way to kick off 2018 if you ask me! Peep the teaser video from Justin below!

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