It was just confirmed that the Center City District project has been given the go-ahead and will transform Grand River and most of the area around it. The Mayor has confirmed that the construction of the project will begin next week so expect to see some major changes to Grand River, Abbot, and Albert Ave.

The massive development will include a 12-story building on Grand River Avenue with 273 rental units above an urban Target store on the first floor. On Albert Avenue, a four-floor parking garage and retail space will be built where "Lot 1" currently sits. The garage will create 620 parking spaces, of which 302 are for public use.

With the new development set, construction and demolition will cause the Albert Avenue, or Lot 1, parking lot to close, beginning Monday, Nov. 6. Vehicles must be out of the lot by 6 a.m. that day, according to the State News. Also expect to see some sidewalks closed as well, but shops and businesses in the area will remain open unless they are part of the demolition.

To read more about the project and to get the Mayor's thoughts on it, check it out here. 

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