I'll admit it, the 'glass-is-have-empty' part of me has said something along the lines of "There have always been bullies, there will always be bullies" on more than one occasion.

Perhaps, I was wrong.

The creation of a new app by a 15 year old girl from Illinois has changed everything.  If you have a kid and your kid has a phone or social media site, I would immediately get this Android app.   It's FREE!

The best way to stop bullying is to not be a bully.  But sometimes our fingers move faster than our brains and we type things and post or send things that we really shouldn't have.

This app monitors what you're posting and sending and if it detects that your message might be better not said, it will give you the chance to rethink your decision to post.  And research has found that adolescents change their mind about sending that message an astonishing 93% of the time!

ReThink is like a megaphone for that little angel on our shoulders, and apparently, when we listen to that angel, we're a lot more likely to do the right thing.


Learn more about ReThink here!  Download the Android App for FREE here!