You don't have to own a boat to be on the water this summer. Aloha Tiki Tours are a fun way to enjoy life on the water!

They've added a new location too! Their third location is at the Waterfront Wyandotte restaurant. You can board one of the Aloha Tiki Tours boats and cruise down the Detroit River with your friends and family this summer.

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The tour will take you north upriver and then south before circling back to the restaurant.

Maybe you're looking for a fun way to celebrate someone's birthday, or you're in charge of throwing the bachelor or bachelorette party. Change things up a little bit and celebrate on the river.

Tours are two hours and $275 Monday - Thursday. They're $300 on the weekends. You can bring your own food and drinks on the boat. They'll also have a Bluetooth speaker available for you to play music.

All guests who go through the Wyandotte location will receive a $5 gift card to the Waterfront Wyandotte.

Here's what you need to know about the Aloha Tiki Tours:

All tours are two hours, rain or shine. The tour follows regulations from the United States Coast Guard. So, if waves are over a foot high, the tour will be canceled. You are able to reschedule.

You're allowed to bring any type of alcohol as long as it isn't in a keg or a glass bottle. So if you planned on bringing a bottle of wine, it looks like you're switching to boxed wine for the day. Ice will be sold on location.

If you're worried about how you're going to survive two hours drinking with no bathroom, don't worry you don't have to jump in the river to take a leak. They will stop for a bathroom break.

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