So with the football starting tomorrow its fitting that the NCAA makes their decision today about clearing the football and basketball program of any other wrong doing. It was announced today by the MSU Athletic website, that Michigan State athletics has received notification from Jonathan F. Duncan, Vice President of Enforcement for the NCAA indicating that "it does not appear there is a need for further inquiry."

Of course Michigan State athletics has been a big issue with the Larry Nassar trial and everything that happened because of it. But this inquiry by the NCAA earlier this year was about how MSU handled the responses to the allegations on Nassar and if Michigan State violated any NCAA rules. According to the NCAA findings they have said no, so now the football season and basketball season won't have a cloud hanging over them.

Michigan State's new Athletic Director Bill Beekman has responded to this new news today and you can see more here

Not sure what the NCAA would do to Michigan State if they were to have found any other wrong doing, besides a post season or scholarship ban.  But usually the NCAA takes forever to give out their ruling, if they give out any ruling at all. But it looks like Michigan State has been put under the microscope and seems to have survived after it, even with losing their President, Athletic Director, and a $500 million lawsuit.

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