This place is a Michigan explorer's dream.

The town of National Mine in the upper peninsula has road-after-road-after-road to drive down, through and across. There are so many things to discover here.

Roads that lead nowhere, neighborhoods that look like you're in another country, abandoned houses, old miner's neighborhoods, old original storefronts, deserted garages and shacks in the woods, the HUGE old mine, and so many twists & turns it'll make you dizzy. You won't know where you started, came from, or if you've been driving in circles...but if you like to explore & discover, you're guaranteed to enjoy every second.

Across the mine from National City is the closeby town of Palmer, with block-after-block-after-block of old homes and stores.

You can literally spend a whole day or two in the National Mine/Palmer area...plenty of photo ops, a grocery (if you can find it) to get your roadtrip munchies, and plenty of history to soak up.

Take a look at just a sample of what you'll see here in the photos below. There is so much more than what's pictured. Definitely add this to your next Michigan roadtrip!


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