So apparently there is an asteroid in space, named Bennu, that is the size of the Empire State Building and also headed for Earth. The only thing is that it won't arrive here for another 100 plus years but that hasn't stopped NASA thinking about how to move it away from Earth.

NASA's plan, which is still in development as they have over 100 years, includes astrophysicists and using nuclear weapons to deflect asteroid Bennu's trajectory away from Earth. NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration have come up with two realistic and kinda crazy plans in the event that the Asteroid gets too close to Earth. The plans which they hope not to use includes using a spacecraft as either something to latch on or to carry nuclear explosive weapons to deflect the object.

The Washington Post reports that the odds of Bennu hitting Earth in 2135 are currently about 1 in 2,700, which are pretty good, but atleast they know of the problem with over 100 years to spare. More on the story here. 

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