Okay, so today I am driving a Kia Cadenza while my Optima is getting a new tire (I'm a bad driver, sue me)... and OMG... it's AWESOME! Here's what I like about it.

  1.  It has an automatic sunshade in the back window, so when you back up it rolls down on it's own.
  2. Panoramic rooftop, HELLO!!! (that's like a REALLY big sunroof in case you were wondering)
  3. The trunk is HUGE... like literally the biggest trunk in a car I've seen, so I carry around a ton of junk.
  4. Heated and cooled seats
  5. It just looks like a spy car and makes you feel awesome!

Speaking of Kia... I'll be at Kia of Jackson tomorrow 11am-1pm for the 4-grand-a-thon, so come get some 97.5 swag, lets take a selfie, and test drive a Cadenza for yourself!