East Lansing Police have ruled MSU student Jiaya Dai's death accidental with the cause being acute alcohol intoxication. Dai, 19, was a student from Bejing just about to start her freshman year when she died during Move In Weekend in August. She was found unresponsive the morning of August 23rd and had a blood alcohol content level of .415. That's 5 times the legal limit for driving, which is .08 and over 20 times the legal limit for someone under 21. TWENTY times the legal limit.

According to wikipedia.org, a BAC level of .415 results in impairment of breathing, heart rate decreases, unconsciousness and the possibility of death.

Jiaya's death was entirely preventable. Please, if you are going to drink, do so responsibly. Also, WLNS reports, "It's important for students to be aware of Michigan's Medical Amnesty law, which allows minors to call for medical assistance without worrying about receiving a minor in possession charge."