After threatening a no-confidence vote, which would call upon the Michigan State University Board of Trustees to step down, MSU faculty has moved forward with the action.

The vote in question stems from the board's Wednesday decision to go through with appointing former Gov. John Engler as the university's interim president.

Backlash quickly followed the announcement ranging from complaints that Engler had no previous experience in academic administration to his alleged mishandling of a prison sexual assault scandal during his tenure as governor.

As interim president, Engler will likely oversee MSU's operations while the school goes through several investigations related to ex-doctor Larry Nassar's abuses.

Opponents of Engler's appointment would prefer someone with experience that could help transition MSU to a leader in sexual assault prevention.

A letter from faculty members obtained by the Detroit News clearly states their displeasure with the board's decision and claims their concerns were voiced prior to the announcement.

"At this meeting we expressed in no uncertain terms that appointing a
former Governor with no academic leadership experience as Interim President
would not be the best way to heal the wounds of our community in this politically
polarized climate."

According to the Detroit News, the vote could occur as early as this week.

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