This week's movie is The Maze Runner.

I was super psyched to see this movie because I LOVED the books. But, I went in with an open mind because I've been burnt before when the movie didn't live up to the books (I'm talking to YOU Divergent!).

Despite my open mind, I was still left wanting by the time the credits rolled. Now keep in mind, that I can only share with you my opinions, it's up to you to see the movie yourself and make up your mind from there. That being said... Let's dive in!

The set and special effects were amazing! "The Glade," which is where most of the movie takes place, was beautifully created. Also, the creatures known as "Grievers" were terrifying and masterfully done. Sadly, that is where the good qualities end.

The movie lacked HUUUUUUGGGGEE parts of the book that were essential to the story line, and because those parts were missing, it dramatically changed the tone of the movie. The character development was also sub-par, so much so that when a certain death took place (and I won't say anymore on the matter), I DIDN'T EVEN CRY!!! And this is coming from the girl that still cries Every.Single.Time. Fred Weasley gets killed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 2, DESPITE the fact that I've seen it at least seven dozen times!

If I could leave you with one thought about The Maze Runner, it would be this: Lovers of the book series, don't go into the theater expecting to see the book you love brought to life on screen, because you will be sorely and utterly disappointed.

Overall rating, "C-"