Movies are coming back to downtown Lansing in fact they are coming to the stadium.  I know I have missed going to the movies, and especially miss eating a bucket popcorn. If you also miss the movie going experience, like movies on a big screen and snacks then you'll love movie nights in downtown Lansing at Cooley Law Stadium (soon to be Jackson Field).

There are going to be two movie night happening this weekend with another one happening soon. The first movie night is happening tonight (Friday) with a showing of "Black Panther", with tomorrow's movie being "Coco". Tickets are going to go fast as the stadium is only allowing in 100 people, because of social distancing. Along with the movie there will also be a fireworks show, presented by LAFCU, so you are really getting two shows in one.

To purchase tickets, and you might want to now because they are almost sold out, you can go here.  There will also be another movie night at the stadium on October 9th, and potentially more in the future so be on the look out and grab some popcorn for me.

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