You ever find yourself just cruising down the road, letting out a string of expletives at every passing car, whether they're overtaking you or just chilling beside?

It's like road rage is practically woven into the fabric of being a Michigan driver! Between the eternal construction zones, the never-ending red lights, and that one oblivious dude glued to his phone in the adjacent lane, it's a recipe for frustration.

In Lansing, it's practically a sport pinpointing the areas that trigger the most road rage. With half the roads closed off thanks to construction, bumper-to-bumper traffic has become the norm. It's that time of year again, folks.

The Area That Causes The Most Road Rage In Lansing

Bumper to bumper traffic is a given in Michigan, especially now since half of the roads in the Mid-Michigan area are closed due to construction. It's that time of year here in Lansing, unfortunately.

road work ahead sign

We asked Lansing, where they thought the places that caused them to rage the most, and it didn't disappoint.

Lansing's most rage inducing area was Frandor!

If you're driving through there and not feeling your blood pressure spike, we definitely need to have a chat. Frandor takes the crown as the reigning champ of road rage in Lansing, according to the locals.

The second most rage inducing area here in Lansing, was Cedar Street. Which, during rush hour traffic times, is probably one of the worst roads to drive on.

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Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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