The business of moviemaking is risky by nature. Studios spend hundreds of millions of dollars producing movies to be released in theaters. If the film is successful, that money will be made back, plus a handsome profit for everyone involved. Typically, the more capital invested in a film, the more confident the studio is that the picture will do well. This is because big-budget blockbusters are usually very popular with the general public. From Avatar to Frozen, high budget pictures with mass appeal are primed for success. Even if you don’t necessarily like them, you’ll still watch them in theaters. That’s just how it works.

But every now and then, a major studio releases a costly picture that just tanks. Even with the best of intentions, certain movies just miss the mark. Sometimes, it’s due to particularly nasty critical responses. Other times, a movie fails to capture its intended demographic. And still other times, there are just better movies that happened to be released the same weekend. Here are 13 ridiculously expensive pictures that bombed at the box office.

The 13 Most Expensive Box Office Flops of All Time

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