So I'm sitting at my desk writing this morning, and I notice mosquitos flitting around me. WHACK. Not any more.

Last night I had the front door open to let in some fresh air, and, along with the air, obviously came some skeeters. Which made me wonder...can mosquitos spread coronavirus?

It's a fact that they infect millions of people every year with some kind of disease, including malaria and yellow fever.....and a great number of people die from virus-spreading mosquito bites as well.

According to The Conversation website, skeeters can't transmit HIV, Ebola, or other viruses. About coronavirus – and I quote them - “Although coronavirus has been found in blood samples from infected people, there’s no evidence it can spread via mosquitoes”.

Now, although that sounds okay, I am NOT taking chances. It's still too early to know definitely if mosquitos can spread coronavirus.

So this little message of mine is just to remind you: now that the weather is getting warmer, the mosquitos are now out and looking for your blood. If you need fresh air, make sure you have screens on your doors and windows to keep these little pests out of your home.

If you can eliminate them some other way, do so, but try not to use anything that will be noxious to you.

You can read the entire article on The Conversation website by CLICKING HERE.

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