"God I Hate Shakespeare"! But you'll love "Something Rotten!" performing through this Sunday at the Wharton Center!

Shakespeare is a HUGE rockstar during the Renaissance! His name and his words from his plays are on the tips of everyone's tongues! He's known and adored by everyone but the Bottom Brothers! Who are looking for their next big hit to take The Bard down a peg or two! And after talking to a soothsayer, they set out to create the world's first "MUSICAL"

I got to see it opening night and it is everything! Comedy, music, dancing! Great sets and a great cast. I had a chance to speak with THE PURITANS from the show!

Autumn Hurlbert who plays Portia (seen below here).


And Scott Cote who plays her father, the villainous and pure Brother Jeremiah! Real talk, he stole the show for me! He has some of the best lines, his timing and facial expressions are awesome, and no one leaves a room or scene or pivots out like this guy!

RottenTour_2669_brother j

Take a listen to the interviews below! And please make sure you go check out the show this weekend at The Wharton Center!

Mornings @ Large "Something Rotten!" Interview Part 1

Mornings @ Large "Something Rotten!" Interview Part 2

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