There are more changes that are coming from the Nassar trial and it has to do with Twistars as well as key figures of the Olympic Gymnastic committee.

First, over the weekend some big news to come from the Nassar trial as the USA Gymnastics board members; Chairman Paul Parilla, Vice Chairman Jay Binder and Treasurer Bitsy Kelley have all stepped down. More on that here. 

Now,  John Geddert is being suspended from USA Gymnastics. According to WILX, this is from a USAG Spokeswoman who said, “John Geddert has been suspended under the interim measures provisions of Section 10.5 of USA Gymnastics’ Bylaws. USA Gymnastics is unable to comment further as this is a pending matter.” John Geddert was a coach for the USA Gymnastic team during the 2010 Olympics and is also the owner of Tiwstars in the Lansing-Area which is where dozens of girls and women have trained for Olympics and also in direct contact with Larry Nassar previous to his trial.  John Geddert was also mentioned several times during impact statements from victims during the Nassar trial. He hasn't said much about the trial but you can see more about what former gymnasts had to say about him here.  


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