Every summer my family and I like to take a road trip with the kids. We've been all over our great state of Michigan, we've traveled to Branson, Missouri, Washington D.C. and other destinations. This summer is different. I started a new job, I have spent a lot of time getting my feet on the ground as I jumped back into the radio industry.

Our kids are understanding and are supportive. Our family is a team. That doesn't mean that we can't go and have some fun, this year it's not a lengthy trip to a destination. Mid Michigan has some cool attractions to check out. That's what we dide

My in-laws wanted to take the kids to MOOville in Nashville, MI. I asked if it would be cool if I tagged along, thankfully they like me, they said "yes, please do".

We made the trip to MOOville in Nashville and it was a blast! MOOville is located at 5875 S, M-66, Nashville, MI 49073, They are from 9a - 9p everyday, minus Sunday, they are closed on Sundays.

When we pulled up to MOOville, I was immediately impressed. The grounds are clean, the facilities are immaculate and the staff were awesome. The only thing you have to pay for is ice cream, animal food (if you want to feed the animals while you pet them) and $3 if you want to get a tour of the cow farm and milking facility. The smell was ripe but the experience was worth it. Watching the cows get milked via a computer operated "milker" was really cool. Each cow produces anwhere from 3 - 9 gallons of milk daily. Take the tour and you'll be blown away at the operation. It was a great experience.

My kids really enjoyed the playground and petting zoo. They have all kinds of animals you can check out like chickens, sheep, alpacas, lamb and more. I haven't been to a petting zoo in years and that was a lot of fun.

You can also buy different dairy products from their store that is onsite. If you're hungry you can grab some lunch too, their hot dogs were really tasty and cheap too. Make a day out of it. Summer is coming to a close and if you are looking for last minute ideas to have fun with your family, MOOville will not disappoint.

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