Choosing your baby's name can be a stressful task that takes a lot of time and thought.

The moniker you end up choosing and sharing with your friends is one you hope will be received with praise. For one woman though, her friend flat out criticized her newborn son's name, telling her it wasn't a "cool" name.

The mom took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share how just a month after giving birth to her new bundle of joy, her bestie told her she hated the name she chose, and that it was often associated with "badly behaved" boys.

The name in question? Jack — a male name of English origin that means "God is gracious," according to

"Our second son was born a few weeks ago and we decided to name him Jack," the mom-of-two wrote via Mumsnet. "My friend met him for the first time yesterday and decided to inform me that her husband has commented that if they ever have a boy, Jack would've been the last name on their list as it's associated with badly behaved boys."

The woman continued, "[She said] it's just not 'a cool name' and also said that my first boy's name isn't cool [either] and [asked] why we go for such simplistic names."

The comment left the mom seething, noting the criticism was extremely "unnecessary."

"It might just be the postnatal hormones but I'm so angry she decided to share this with me. I didn't say anything but my husband said next time he sees them, he will mention the unnecessary comment," she explained. "I would never judge anyone's name choices so I'm super angry that behind closed doors they b---h about my boys' names."

The mom concluded she's in no "rush to meet up" with her friend "again" after the outrageous remarks.

Commenters tried to comfort the mom. "I would be reconsidering this 'friendship,' even if you don't agree with a baby's name choice, unless it's really out there it's unreasonable to say so," one person wrote.

Another commented: "That is rude. It's a golden etiquette rule of my mum's to never comment negatively on a baby's name or appearance!"

Jonathan Borba via Unsplash
Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

Meanwhile, the friend who criticized her bestie's child's name could simply offer to pay for a professional baby namer, but it could set her back $10,000.

Taylor A. Humphrey is a professional baby namer, who helped name over 100 children in 2021 alone, according to People.

For $1,500, the 33-year-old NYU graduate will generate a "bespoke name list" based on a questionnaire filled out by parents. She will also come up with a moniker that "will be on-brand with a parents' business," at the jaw-dropping price of $10,000.

Humphrey explained that most parents "already know" what name to pick, but some just need a little help.

"While it's easy to say that I name people's babies for a living, my work is so much deeper and more nuanced than that," she told the outlet. "My job is to hold space, and provide spiritual, emotional and physical support for my clients as they progress through the major life transition of becoming a parent."

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