UPDATED AT 4:42PM 5/1/14
Springport Police Chief, Dave Luce, says Jessica Dale McCoy's whereabouts continue to be unknown and his department is actively investigating, but that Jessica is being treated as a runaway at this time.  Chief Luce said this afternoon that there is no indication of foul play and that there has been communication between Jessica and her family as recently as this morning.

Still, he asks anyone with information on where McCoy may be or who she may be with to call Jackson Central Dispatch.

Jessica Dale McCoy, 16, is described as 5'7, 130 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.  McCoy went missing on Saturday and initial information indicated that she may have unwillingly left with a group of boys.  Chief Luce says whether Jessica left with anyone is not confirmed.

In a Facebook post on Jessica's mother's page, an exchange between Jessica and her mother reads, in part, "I had to steal a phone to communicate some how.  Haven't ate since Sunday."

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