Miley Cyrus wiped her Instagram feed clean Monday morning (November 26) to tease her new single, reportedly titled "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," produced by Mark Ronson. She also posted the teasers on her Twitter account.

According to her posts, the single will be released this Thursday (November 29). While Miley's posts merely contain a broken heart emoji, Ronson somewhat confirmed the song's title when he retweeted a now-deleted tweet with the above title mentioned.

Miley also posted what seems to perhaps be a tease of the song's video. Her post Monday afternoon contains the same audio from the morning tease, but set to a visual of a clown running a marathon in slow motion. Is that Mark Ronson dressed up as the clown? We'll have to wait to find out.

Also revealed Monday afternoon was the news that Cyrus and Ronson are slated to perform together on Saturday Night Live next month on December 15, with Matt Damon hosting.

Cyrus dropped her last album, Younger, just over a year ago in September 2017, but it appears there's already a new Miley era about to launch in just a few days!

Fans have been waiting to hear the music Miley and Mark worked on for nearly seven months. Back in May, Miley posted a silent Instagram Story in the studio with Ronson. The same day Ronson tweeted "jesus. miley cyrus can sang," confirming they were in the studio together.

Do you think Miley's Mark Ronson collab will sound more like Lady Gaga's Joanne album with Ronson, or more like his hit "Uptown Funk" collab with Bruno Mars?

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