Miley Cyrus made a bit of a political statement on social media with a simple, high-end tee.

Of course her tongue factored into the action, but it was in a secondary way.

Cyrus tweeted and Instagrammed this selfie, which finds her wearing a Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs top that promotes LGBT equality.

The loose-fitting white tee features an animated family of three. It appears to be a same-sex, lesbian couple with a child. It boasts a simple statement: "I Pay My Taxes, I Want My Rights."

Message = received.

Though we can't see Miss Miley's face in the shot, we can see her tongue, since she's sticking it out, which is, like, her thing.

While she did give props to her designer BFF Jacobs in the caption, she wisely said nothing else, since that shirt speaks at top volume. Cyrus, who has been outspoken about her pro-LGBT views before, made her message loud and clear.