"I use it for life." Mike Tyson is the latest celebrity to launch a cannabis line, and it will be available in Michigan. This might pack a punch.

It started with the undisputed heavyweight champ using cannabis to reach new heights. Iron Mike Tyson is making another foray into the business of cannabis launching Tyson 2.0. Back in 2017, the boxer bought a 420-acre weed resort in Southern California, and planted a cannabis garden on top of his $44,000,000 mansion. Now, he is partnering with Common Citizen, a grower with a large farm in Marshall and dispensaries across the state, including Battle Creek.

Tyson 2.0 is available now in Nevada, California and Colorado, with different strains of cannabis marketed in different states. The “Toad” line of top-shelf strains is inspired by Tyson’s psychedelic toad-licking experiences. California variations include "The Toad", "Southern Toad", "West Coast Toad", "Desert Toad", and "Intergalactic Toad." (We're guessing that last one is not for first-timers.) Nevada has two of the toads and a "Kronocain" strain, while Colorado sells "Knockout OG", "Purple Glove", "Haymaker", "Pound for Pound", and "Pineapple Punch."

"Knockout OG" and "Pound for Pound Cake" will be the strains sold in Michigan, but we're hoping they add more Michigan-centric strains in the future. Maybe "Upper Cut", "Faygo Flow", or "Face-Tattoo Juggaloo"?

Michigan Marijuana Report says, "...strains will be available in pre-rolls and eighths at Common Citizen PCs in Detroit, Flint, Battle Creek, and Hazel Park. Eventually, Tyson 2.0 plans to offer the premium marijuana flower at more than 200 retail outlets across the state and introduce other products like edibles."

h/t MLive

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