Miley Cyrus doesn't think that her album Younger Now makes sense in her overall music career.

The "Midnight Sky" singer opened up about distancing herself from her 2017 album era during an interview with radio station 106.1 BLI Wednesday (August 19).

"When I look at my career there was really only two years or one period that didn't make sense and I think that you and I probably know that it was the Younger Now, kind of 'Malibu' era," she said.

Cyrus confessed that she lost her identity to someone else (presumably her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth) while working on the record, which is why she can no longer relate to much of it.

"And I think what happened, which does happen to a lot of people, and it's not to villain-ize the partner but you lose yourself in someone else sometimes," she admitted.

Watch the music videos for "Younger Now" and "Malibu," below.

On August 30, Cyrus is set to perform her latest single, "Midnight Sky," on the 2020 MTV VMAs at 8 PM ET.

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