Michiganders love their food.
Michiganders are champions at growing their food.
Michigan crops are among the best in the world.
But if we studied all our food under microscopes, we may starve to death. Some of the little creatures that reside in our food fuel are pretty scary and shocking.

“How about a cheeseburger?“
Nah...too many squirmy organisms in cheese.

“But the burger?”
You kiddin'? E. Coli, salmonella, all kinds of bacteria and microbes. Forget it.

“Bacon? Ham? Sausage?”
Nope...pork worms.

“What about a salad? “
'Fraid not. You know the things that crawl on vegetables? Things you can't wash off!

“A glass of water?”
One of the worst. Lotsa bacteria and microbes swim all through it.

Now, I love cheddar cheese and I could eat a block of it. Yet I know that there are thousands of living creatures in it. Cooked meat still has bacteria, even though most of 'em were probably killed off when you cooked it. Even so, you'd still be eating dead microbes and wormy things.

I like a really good salad, loaded with different vegetables and other stuff...but vegetables are notoriously loaded with creatures. Any good Michigan gardener, farmer, or produce employee can tell you the same thing.

You can't escape these things...they're in the things you drink and the clothes you wear. Do you have any idea what little beasts have crawled into your clothes while you were swimming? There are even more crawlies found in the Great Lakes than there are in inland bodies of water. What about the thousands & thousands of mites on your body, in your bedsheets, and embedded in your clothes? Sorry, but there is no escape.

But on the bright side, we have survived 'em, haven't we? I mean, you've been experiencing them your whole life, and you're still here. Yes, they get on you and in your body, and most of them are harmless. Just keep scrubbin' those veggies, cookin' that meat, and washin' those sheets and clothes. We won't get 'em all, but we never have anyway.

If you have the courage, take a look at the photo gallery below and see some of the things you can't see with the naked eye...









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