How many times have you been out driving down a snow-covered road when some idiot goes ZOOMING by you in the passing lane? Do you hope this moron goes off the road or just shake your head in disbelief?

This is a very, VERY common occurrence here in Michigan...there are lots of impatient drivers who are in too big of a hurry to get somewhere, regardless of the snow or ice-covered roads.

So many, in fact, that recent research by SafeWise shows that the state of Michigan is in the Top Ten "Most Dangerous States for Driving in the Snow." They released a report on January 17 listing the Best & Worst States for Driving in Bad Weather. Michigan did NOT show up in the Top Ten list for driving in rain, but they sure did in the snow fact, the report shows Michigan is #1 for drivers crashing in the snow.

Just the other day while I was on my way in to work, the highway was slick with frozen snow and I had to lessen my speed...and here comes this moron zippin' past me like ice didn't exist. And, no surprise, a few miles up the road, there he was. His car had indeed went off the road into the median and he just sat there - unhurt, thank goodness -  looking stupid and embarrassed.

I'm sure YOU have had some clown zip by you in bad road conditions...I just hope you're not one of those impatient drivers and that you drive with caution on snow & ice-covered surfaces.

Read the whole SafeWise report by CLICKING HERE.

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