In this bitter cold weather, who really wants to stand outside and take the time to clear off ice, snow & slush from a vehicle?

Well, guess what...if you don't, you can get ticketed. It's illegal to drive a vehicle with snow or ice that hasn't been brushed or scraped off.

According to Michigan Snow Removal Laws, drivers must clear off snow & ice from headlights, tail lights, windshields, rearview mirrors, all side windows, the roof, hood, trunk....basically ANYWHERE on your vehicle where there is precipitation buildup.

Law # MCL 257.709 says you can't operate a vehicle when vision is impaired.

Law # MCL 257.699 says headlights & tail lights have to emit a certain amount of light to be legal.

Law #  MCL 257.686 specifically covers brake lights & tail lights.

Law # MCL 257.697 discusses turn signals.

There's even a law - # MCL 257.677a(2)-(4) - that states snow isn't allowed to fly off your car while driving. That still happens...a car or truck will be in front of you and a big chunk of crusted snow or ice might fly off and smack down on YOUR vehicle. It's happened to me and it ain't no picnic.

Yeah, it's kinda fun to take off with your car covered in snow and watch it all blow off while your cruisin' down the highway...but payin' the fine for it is NOT.

We're not alone, however...we're one of 12 states that have those laws. So, if ya wanna avoid cleaning off your car before you leave, send one of the kids out to do it for ya. Otherwise, you're stuck. So don't get ticketed, think about other drivers around you and clean off yer car.

If ya wanna read more about these Michigan Snow Removal laws, CLICK HERE.

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