If you're planning to go mushroom hunting in northern Michigan, you're probably too late. The best time to go hunting for morels is early spring, like around Easter time.

The place that most mushroom hunters seem to agree on covers thousands of acres in the National Forest and State Forest lands in the Cadillac area. They pop up not only in the woods, but in fields, alongside the road, burned or lumbered areas and orchards. Almost anywhere, but first ya gotta find 'em. On the side of a hill is a very good place to look.

If you come to an area where there people walking through the woods slowly carrying bags, chances are this is where you also want to search. However, if there are others around, they more than likely have already found most of the mushrooms. Therefore, you should break away from these people and search in another nearby location.

If you search your favorite place the following year, there's the possibility no more have grown. Why? It may depend on how the 'shroom was picked. Always cut or squeeze the mushroom off at ground level, leaving the roots. That way, they will grow again.

Here are some tips to follow, according to author and Morel Mushroom hunter Joshua Nowicki, as found on michigan.org:

1) Purchase a good mushroom identification book or go with someone who has experience with finding morel mushrooms.
2) Carry a compass and/or GPS.
3) Dress appropriately, keep skin covered and wear boots or closed toe shoes.
4) Beware of ticks.
5) Avoid trespassing. 
6) Mesh bags are encouraged in order for the spores of the mushrooms to be dispersed as you continue your hunt, and therefore increase or maintain the morel population.

Hang onto these tips for the next 'shroom pickin' season!

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